Guide to Climate and Weather in Brazil

Brazil is such a huge country that the weather can vary enormously and so the simple question of "What's the weather like in Brazil?" can have many different answers depending on where in Brazil you are thinking of travelling. Luckily, the climate in Brazil is much more settled than the UK so we can at least be confident of getting you great weather somewhere in Brazil at any time of year!

Have a look at our weather guide so you can work out what the weather will be like in all the places you're going to visit in Brazil and, more importantly, what clothes to bring! Have a look at our regional information below to find out more about the weather in Rio or the Amazon rainforest climate:

weather in rio

Weather in Rio

Rio has a tropical climate, which means temperatures stay fairly warm throughout the year, getting particularly warm during the Brazilian summer (Nov-Feb). This is also the wettest time of year, but you won't see a great deal of rain and what you do see will be warm and actually quite pleasant!

Best time to visit: February-September

weather in sao paulo

Weather in Sao Paulo

A little further south from Rio, Sao Paulo's climate is more sub-tropical, giving a greater fluctuation in temperatures and meaning that in winter (Jun-Sep) it gets positively chilly by Brazilians standards. Still pretty good compared to the UK, though... Sao Paulo's best in spring, we think - it can get a bit sticky in summer but blue skies make it really come to life.

Best time to visit: October-December or March-June

weather at iguazu falls

Weather in Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are inland and away from the coast, which means the temperature is more continental - warmer in summer and colder in winter. March to November is generally considered to be the best time to visit Iguazu as the flow of water is highest at this time due to the rainy season.

Best time to visit: November-May

amazon rainforest climate

Weather in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest climate is different to anywhere else in Brazil, but as you can see from the Amazon rainforest graph (based on the city of Manaus), you can see that the temperature remains very steady. You see a fair amount on rainfall through the year, but particularly heavy in December-March, so it can be nice to visit from August onwards to enjoy lower humidity.

Best time to visit: August to December

weather in salvador

Weather in Salvador

Away from the south, and up to the north-east of Brazil and the carnival city of Salvador de Bahia. You're so close to the equator here, that the climate doesn't change greatly throughout the year, although it's wetter between April and August, so we'd recommend visiting outside these times.

Best time to visit: September-April

weather in salvador

Weather in Fortaleza

Further north again, and more or less right on the equator, cities like Fortaleza and Natal have a very settled climate and are perfect for year-round sunshine.

Best time to visit: All year!

Weather in Brazil

Weather in Brazil


Weather in Iguazu Falls: Mostly Clear

Current weather in Iguazu Falls
Mostly Clear
Max: 26°C; Min: 16°C


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