Made in… Brazil?

The ‘Made in China’ label has become ubiquitous of products, from consumer electronics to, well, china. But new emerging global economies are set to change this and we could find our goods coming from other countries soon.

Brazil’s economy has been booming recently with the real, Brazil’s currency, reaching record highs against the US dollar. In fact, it has been doing so well that the Brazilian government has been having to take measures to quell inflation in the country.

The state of Brazil’s economy has not gone unnoticed by global companies who see it has an emerging market to be tapped. As such, the latest company to declare an interest to invest in Brazil is Foxconn, the company responsible for making parts for many of Apple’s products such as the iPod and iPad. Based mainly in China at the moment, they have hinted at a $12 billion investment to build a production plant in Brazil to allow the products they produce to be made there and thus avoid the large import costs that out-price many potential consumers of their products in the Latin American market.

So, it would seem that your future iPod/Pad may say ‘Made in Brazil’, not China.

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04 2011

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